Report Launch: Clearing A Path

The Psychiatric Disabilities Anti-violence Coalition has concluded their project that was funded by the City of Toronto’s  Access, Equity And Human Rights Community Grant! Clearing a Path: A Psychiatric Survivor Anti-Violence Framework was launched in December 2015 and is now available for download. Thanks to the grant trustee: Parkdale Community Legal Services. As well as thank-you to the Project working subcommittee: Lucy Costa (Empowerment Council), Andrea Daley (York University), Peggy-Gail DeHal Gunraj (Parkdale Community Legal Services), Chris Persaud (Habitat Services), Danielle Landry (Ryerson University), Stefania Mendolia (Empowerment Council),  Jennifer Eng (Toronto Public Health), & Rachel Gorman (York University). To download and read a copy of the report, click here: CLEARING A PATH DEC 2015